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Greenland Open Space, Larkspur, CO

Greenland Trail and Kipps Loop

A NATRC Competitive Horseback Trail Ride and Clinic was held at the Greenland Open Space May 19th, 2019. Riders went out on the Greenland Trail and Kipps Loop for about 8.5 miles.

"At the Greenland trailhead, you will find plenty of parking for cars and horse trailers. An accessible group picnic shelter, patterned after Greenland’s old mercantile building, seats up to 48 people. Also available are a restroom, garbage cans, water spigot, information kiosk and horse hitch rails."

"Greenland was once a bustling little village and shipping point. By 1871, the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad extended to the site and it was platted as a 20-acre town in 1875. It continued to thrive with two general stores, a post office, school and even a saloon or two. Two railroad stations shipped out livestock, potatoes, grains, milk, building stones and pottery. The ranching industry continued even after the town declined in the 1930s."

For more information, contact Douglas County Outdoors.


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